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Business Utilities

Utili-Tay Business Utilities Dundee

Utili-Tay is a multi-utility company in Dundee specialising in providing utilities to businesses throughout Dundee, Tayside and the surrounding area.

We provide independent advice via all major energy, power and telecoms suppliers for gas, electricity, water, green renewable energy, merchant card services and telecoms, whilst ensuring the service levels are kept at the highest standard possible.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring is becoming a go to system to help combat an increasingly volatile energy market for many businesses.

By monitoring energy consumption, individuals and organisations can identify areas where they can reduce energy use and save money on their energy bills. Energy monitoring systems typically involve sensors that measure electricity usage in real-time, along with software that displays this data in an easy-to-understand format.

Overall, energy monitoring is a valuable tool for promoting energy efficiency, preventative maintenance and reducing carbon emissions.

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About Utili-Tay

About Utili-Tay

With 50 years of combined experience we constantly strive to provide the very best multi-utility service to our current and prospective clients whilst giving back to our local communities via numerous sources such as charitable donation.

Our dedicated Service Team provide:

  • On-going Account Management
  • Monthly Bill Analysis
  • Quarterly Account Review Presentation
Utility Auto Switching Sservice

Auto Switching Service (Utili-Switch)

Our Auto-Switching Service gives our clients the peace of mind that their utility services always remain as competitive as possible and in good hands supported by our In-House Service Teams.

This means our clients can spend their valuable time running their own businesses rather than focusing on a cost which can be managed by what we class as An Outsourced Team of Staff – Full Advanced Visibility Is Provided at All Times.

Charitable Activities

Charitable Activities

Utili-Tay has the belief of giving back to the community hence our links with multiple charitable organisations.

Every business that gives Utili-Tay the opportunity to provide a proposal comparison will be given a £20 Charitable Donation Voucher to place with a charity of choice from the selection below.

Every company which proceeds with a proposal with Utili-Tay will receive a further £20 Charitable Donation Voucher and be optionally added to our 'Client Networking Group' – see below . . .

Business Networking

Mutual - Brand Awareness

All new clients of Utili-Tay have the option of being involved in our Business Networking Group.

The 'Client Networking Group' allows supporters to promote themselves and other supporters of the group. This means all our clients have the option of passing referrals between each other or if nothing else raise and promote brand awareness for themselves and other group members at no cost.

Recent Testimonials

We would recommend Utili-Tay to any company looking to analyse their costs across their Energy, Water and Merchant Services. A local company with a trustworthy and honest ethos.

Derek Director of Circle Signs Ltd.,
Circle Signs Ltd. Dundee

I have worked with Utili-Tay and would recommend them to all businesses throughout Dundee. The Team at Utili-Tay have a fantastic way of looking at everything and go the extra mile ensuring the best solution is in place for your business. Everything they present is transparent and easy to understand so you have faith in your provider. They also make recommendations to services that may be of benefit to a business on a trial basis before any commitment.

Brian J. Kidd 1 Office Equipment Ltd.,
1 Office Equipment Ltd. Dundee